Tree & Shrub Care


We provide deep root fertilization in the spring and fall for all your trees and shrubs that will benefit from the program. The fertilizer is injected into the soil at the root zone where it is immediately available to the plant. We use slow release fertilizer that provides the trees and shrubs with nutrients for several months for improved appearance and healthy growth.


We provide Systemic insecticide treatments for control of insects that attack trees, shrubs , and roses. Pests such as lace bugs, aphids, whiteflies, and scale are controlled with a single application for season long control in the Spring. The insecticide is applied into the soil below the tree and shrubs. The plant’s root system picks up the material and moves it throughout the tree or shrub.


We provide foliar sprays for small trees, shrubs, and roses that are already infested with beetles or other insects. This topical treatment only last for 30 days.