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Grubs are larvae from beetles that lay their eggs in the spring and hatch in early summer. The larvae then feed on the grass roots until the plant can no longer sustain the damage then dies. Unfortunately it is too late at this stage to kill the grub! Only preventable systemic treatments when the eggs hatch will control a grub infestation. It is nearly impossible other than treating the lawn with a preventative insect control every year to control the population once it starts.


Aqueduct is the most effective tool to treat and promote the recovery of turf under stress due to existing water related problems such as wet spots or dry spots. Aqueduct reduces the potential for wilt and turf grass stress and enhances the recovery of turf by improving the distribution of applied water in the soil profile


There are many types of lawn diseases that occur in lawns. Your technician will identify what type of disease your lawn has. Most treatments require two applications 14-21 days apart to be effective. Soil born fungus i.e. Pythium needs to be treated every year.


Surface insecticide treatments are included in our lawn care program to our existing customer base. There is a charge for new customer that is starting the program with an insect infestation.


There are no pre-emergent controls for nutsedge, but we can schedule 4 additional post-emergent treatments to help control the spread of the plant in the springtime. Once the temperatures reach over 90 degrees in the summer, we can no longer treat for nutsedge without damaging the lawn.


Aeration is one of the most important cultural practices available to your lawn. It opens up the soil to relieve compaction, reduces thatch, and allows water and fertilizer down to the plants root zone where it is needed.

Regular aeration encourages new root growth. Performed annually in the fall with reseeding is the Right Rx for a thicker, greener lawn.


Overseeding can bring an old lawn new life. Turf that has deteriorated from disease, insects damage, thatch build up, or undesirable grass types, can be revitalized with

We have a proven method of overseeding. It may be as simple as aeration and overseed, or a complete renovation, which kills off all existing turf and replants new drought tolerant seed types. Best time to get an over-seed quote is in the late summer/early fall.