Q. When I sign up for the Rx lawn service, do I need to sign a contract?
A. No. There are no contracts to sign. We are a continuous service year after year. You just need to let the office know when you are going to cancel service.

Q. Should I water after the lawn application?
A. Check you invoice for watering instructions. If the technician did not write anything down, check the back of the invoice to see if any post emergent weed control was applied. If so, water in the next day. As a general rule, applications should be watered the next day.

Q. Can I mow after the application?
A. It is best to water in the application first. If your gardener came the same day as your lawn application, wait 2 weeks to see how effective the application was to the lawn. In most cases, a service call is not needed. If the lawn did not green up, or the weeds are not dying you will need a free service call. Just call the office to schedule.

Q.  I think the technician missed some weeds, they have not died
A.  Weeds and weed grasses will take 7-14 days to show signs of dying. If after 2 weeks there are no signs of wilt, call the office for a free service call.

Q. How long do people and pets need to stay off the lawn after an application?
A. When a post-emergent weed control is used, you must wait until the herbicide has dried on the plant. Usually 1-2 hours. Check the back middle section of your invoice to see if weed control was used.

Q. Why does nutsedge keep coming back?
A. There are no pre-emergent herbicides that will prevent nutsedge. It is one of the most difficult weeds to control. Post-emergent weed control is only effective in the early stages of the plant growth.