Tips on Watering Your Lawn

Your lawn needs at least 1” of water per week to remain green and healthy. Too little water during dry periods can increase insect, weed and disease problems. Too much water is the single leading cause of pre-emergent break down and weeds, crabgrass, and nutsedge are a result.

Deep infrequent watering to a soil depth of 6” to 8” is what we recommend. We recommend you water 2x a week in the spring and fall and 3x a week in the summer. After your watering cycle, check the soil depth with a screwdriver into the soil. It should go down easily 6-8 inches. Add or subtract watering times until you reach this desired depth. Sandy soils should add an extra watering day. To avoid fungus problems, the best time to water is when the sun comes up! No night time watering!