Other Helpful Tips


There is no pre-emergent for the control of nutsedge. What post emergent controls are available are only effective in the early stages of the plant, and can only be applied in cooler temperatures of under 90 degrees for the day. Frequent watering such as every day, or morning and evening watering should be avoided. This plant thrives in sun and light frequent watering patterns. Please read watering tips to help control nutsedge.


Mushrooms sometimes called toad- stools are the reproductive fruiting structures of some kinds of fungi. Most fungi in lawns are beneficial because they decompose organic matter thereby releasing nutrients that are then available for plant growth. Picking mushrooms soon after they appear, prevents the spores from spreading to new sights. Always avoid mowing over mushrooms too because of this reason. The primary reason for removing mushrooms from lawns are to keep them away from children and pets and to improve the lawn’s appearance.


Love it or hate it, Bermuda grass is here to stay in this region. There are no herbicide controls for Bermuda grass in lawns. We can overseed the lawn in the fall with a perineal Rye grass, or we can kill off sections for replanting. Best time to kill off Bermuda grass is when the plant is before dormancy in October.


Weeds are simply undesirable plants growing in a location it is not wanted. The first line of defense is a healthy thick turf. A thick healthy turf chokes out places for weeds to grow. Thin bare areas are nearly impossible to prevent weed infestation. They should be reseeded or resoded. Post emergent weed sprays are only effective in controlling existing weeds. That is why we time our pre-emergent applications as the first line of defense against broadleaf weeds.